What Next

At Buildstain our success has been born out of the fact that our client relationships have been our winning formula. Meeting at either our offices in central London or on site it’s important to have that bond and feel confident that our management team and our work force respects and appreciates people who invest their hard earned money into a dream home or a project and that every decision made should be discussed and agreed. To arrange an appointment simply call 08454 636 856 or 07961 644 344

First Visit

At Buildstain it’s important to capture as much information as possible. Be it a New Build, Loft Conversion or Renovation we will always talk you through the process. Depending on the job in hand will determine if we will need a site survey, design specification, or a take basic measurements. Taking these initial steps and understanding the client(s) wishes and desires will be what determines and sets the parameters moving forward. Our first site inspection will allow us to put together a draft summery, book a site survey, if required, and then hand over to our estimating department.

Site Survey

At Buildstain we offer piece of mind. A Building Survey is a detailed inspection of each of the external and internal elements of a property, as far as they are accessible. Once the inspection is completed a comprehensive written report is provided to you that includes photographs of particular issues of concerns as well as advice on what steps to take next. We also provide extensive post-survey support by telephone and/or email so as you are fully informed as possible before committing to any project.

When investing significant sums of money on either a refurbishment, loft conversion or extension it makes sense to obtain the correct information so that you can make informed decisions.


At Buildstain, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to interior design projects. Focusing on residential and commercial projects including high end house refurbishment, home renovation and new builds we commit to achieving only the best in design whilst keeping within budget. Our approach is simple, understand the client(s) needs, deliver a cost effective solution and present using state of the art rendering packages give you a 3d visualization of the project. We believe this way of working helps create the finish look before you’ve even started. We have also partnered manufacturers that offer incredible discounts on all aspects of interior design and building materials. Our main aim to create the perfect interior design solution so you will enjoy home for many years to come.

Get a Quotation

At Buildstain our estimating department work tirelessly to achieve a cost effective solution for the client. The initial meet and greet is fundamental in the process as it brings together all aspects of the project.

Our estimation include a detailed breakdown of all, material specification, architect drawings, if required along with a draft summery outlining any issues or points of consideration. At this stage of the proceedings you are entitled to withdraw and or include any further specifications. Please bare in mind that it’s very important to us to meet your brief and most importantly to make sure the project remains within budget.

To arrange an appointment simply call 08454 636 856 or 07961 644 344

Agree Final Design

At Buildstain we have various levels of the design process that require both the company and client to sign off on. Following an in-depth discussion of your brief with one of our design team, we analyse your requirement and define which of our many services you may require congenial with your lifestyle, budget and time constraints.

Our accomplished ability to understand, define and transform our client(s) aspirations and objectives an exclusive and personally tailored package without exception.

An impressive collective knowledge of current market trends together with many years of experience ensures each project is approached with a fresh and inventive angle. Once the final design is approved we will then work with team to deliver the project making sure it’s delivered within budget.

Start Project

At Buildstain we understand that Planning and managing the construction process can be a time consuming and complex endeavour. Good planning is the key to a successful project and accomplishing its goals and objectives. There are several steps in the planning of any project that are necessary to complete before construction can begin. At Buildstain we talk you through the process and make sure the scope of works and feasibility are looked at, the design and plan review is checked and double checked, the permit and applications are in place. The team will then liase directly with you giving you prior knowledge of a start date so that you are able to prepare for the forthcoming works.

• Manage general contractor, subcontractors, trades and vendors
• Understand key milestones and provide schedule updates
• Identify and procure long lead equipment and materials
• Host project coordination meetings
• Provide financial updates


At Buildstain we acknowledge that the close out is equally important as beginning of any project. We therefore set out a process called construction and closeout. Some of procedures we follow are listed below. Conduct inspections, maintain quality control and implement punch list. The handover of our sites are key to our success and we pride ourselves in trying to make this process as seamless as we possibly can.

• Buildstain enforce quality control process prior to the handover
• Buildstain will arrange all certifications prior to handover
• Buildstain will talk through the snag list with client prior to hand over
• Buildstain will arrange a call back between 6-12 months